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Brisket Flat vs Point

The cut from the lower chest or breast of veal or beef is called “brisket.” Briskets have two types of cuts—the flat and the point—and for this reason, you will sometimes read or hear the phrase Brisket flat vs point. But what is really the difference between the brisket flat and point? Brisket Flat and […]


peanut butter

Last night was one of those nights that neither me or my husband were in the mood to make dinner. We decided to have a date night in, but cooking was just not appealing. It’s also really not date night in unless there’s some kind of dessert involved, but with the sugar detox, I was […]


Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Tomorrow the hubby & I are going away again for a weekend of camping in New Hampshire with some friends. We both love camping but haven’t been all summer. It’s about time!…Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars. I always bring snack bars for camping, especially if we’re hiking & we need quick, filling, on-the-go snacks. I […]